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About Walk With Me

"Walk With Me" is the only fanlisting officially approved by The Fanlistings Network for the relationship between Faramir Son of Denethor and Éowyn Daughter of Eomund, from the Lord of The Rings by JRR Tolkien.

A fanlisting aims to bring together people from all over the world who are fans of a certain subject. This fanlisting has been approved at the Book and Movie Relationships category of the TFL Network since 26 August 2004, and was co-run by Cassie and Angela until Cassie handed it over by late 2005. For more information about what a fanlisting is, please go to http://thefanlistings.org.

The fanlisting is named "Walk With Me", suggested by Morgan, because of these lines in Return of the King:

"...And here you will find me, walking and waiting, and also looking east. It would ease my care, if you would speak to me, or walk at whiles with me."

Then she raised her head and looked him in the eyes again; and a colour came in her pale face.

 250 members - awarded on 10 December 2006

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